Australia Fueling Its Net Zero Targets With Sustainable Technology

Apr 1st 2023


Australia Fueling Its Net Zero Targets With Low-Carbon Technology 

Refurbished devices have quickly turned into a permanent category for electronics stores. And while this sector is providing cost savings and lucrative revenues to these sellers, it is also helping countries on their path to net zero carbon targets.

Australia is a prime example. A highly ranked innovative hub of the world, Australia’s tech sector is worth A$167 billion. A huge proportion of these earnings comes from small and medium sized companies that are leading the path to creating and encouraging sustainable technology.

The Australian Government’s 2050 net zero targets are capitalising on this trend. It is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by “delivering results through technology, not taxes.” And to do so, the government has put in place low emission technology solutions that will evolve the way Australians use IT in various facets of life.

A Highly Aware Customer Base - A Big Win for Refurbished Technologies

A high level of awareness within the masses has been a big push for the rise of refurbished technology in Australia. Buyers are now more conscious of the way they spend, and how their spending habits impact the environment. 

More than 70% of people in the country hope to lead an environmentally friendly life, and almost 90% want to make sustainable, refurbished purchases. It’s safe to say that educational awareness has had a huge impact on buying and consumption patterns - something the government hopes to further emphasize with its ambitious net zero targets. 

A smart move indeed. By placing the consumer at the center of this change, lawmakers are striving to spur a revolution from within. And by providing even more jobs and economic stability - a shift in emission intensive technologies will be a welcomed change. 

As a result, 7 in 10 Australians believe the government should set tactical targets to limit climate change and global warming on a domestic stage. At this level, it becomes every individual’s responsibility to carry the baton for eco-friendly tech consumption. 

The much-talked-of Technology Investment Roadmap is the cornerstone of this movement. Its heavy focus on renewable energy, and the help it can offer locals in using technology wisely, will definitely set an example for the rest of the world.