Carbon Neutral Laptops, Anyone?

Apr 14th 2023


From just one serving of a carbon neutral laptop, you receive:

0g of lead

0% mercury & PVC

71% energy efficiency 

94% fiber packaging 

100% good vibes


Disclaimer:  You may only want to use carbon neutral laptops after you read this article. The good vibes are strong - you may never see laptops the same way again... Caution is advised.



You’ve heard of sustainable energy. You’ve read about companies announcing net zero targets. And you’ve committed yourself to better recycling and eliminating single-use plastics. But what in the name-of-everything-bright-and-shiny is a carbon neutral laptop?

The easy answer, if you please, is that carbon neutral laptops are a mix of everything we just listed. Everything you’ve heard or read so far about combating climate change - these laptops are a real life implementation of those principles. They’re changing the production and consumption of everyday tech.

How are these devices any different from regular laptops or tablets? 

What Makes Laptops Sustainable & Carbon Neutral?

There are multiple factors that contribute to these laptops getting the eco-friendly stamp. 

1.    Who is making them?
Where are these laptops manufactured, and in what conditions? Are working conditions suitable for factory workers? Are they given rights to form unions? Are they being exploited with overtime? There’s an entire science that goes into ethical labor laws, and unbeknown to many of us, following these laws has a huge impact on the ethical rating of your favorite laptop. 
A case in point: Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct - a regulation that mandates maintaining healthy work spaces for all. The brand requires its suppliers to respect, honor, and dignify factory workers. 


2.    What materials are used? 
Sustainable laptops boast a high percentage of recycled materials. From minerals like tin, cobalt, and copper to packaging materials - everything should reflect a commitment to helping the environment. 
Buying refurbished laptops, for instance, ensures that some level of recycling was incorporated into parts replacement or the same device was given a new life, a new home.
A case in point: Lenovo’s Thinkpad Z13 and Z16 - both of which are manufactured with recycled vegan leather, recycled aluminum, and 90% Post Consumer Content (PCC). The company itself has pledged a net zero commitment by 2025-2026.


3.    How easy is it to repair & upgrade? 
Ease in upgrading and repairing reduces the environmental impact of eco-friendly laptops. They can either be traded in for newer devices or can be repaired for minor issues caused by faulty parts. 
Refurbished or reconditioned laptops are a great carbon neutral choice. Already in the market, these laptops eventually have a lower carbon footprint and can be spruced up for resale. And trust us, when bought certified, you can barely tell the difference between these and brand new devices. 
Next time when you’re deciding whether refurbished laptops are good or not, you’ll have more food for thought to make a sustainable decision.
A case in point: With Apple’s well-known trade-in program, customers can give back their old devices that are resold as excellent quality refurbished laptops. Similarly, Dell’s sustainable laptops are known to be easily repairable - thanks to minimum PVC used in manufacturing. 


We’re Here for This Climate Conscious Ecosystem. Are You? 

For a laptop to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, we have to take ownership of its lifecycle. From the collection and assembly of materials and parts, to usage and to the end of its life. We play a part. 

Recognizing your role in this process is the true essence of celebrating Earth Day. Every step; from using one less plastic bottle to responsibly charging your devices, is an investment towards a better future. 

It’s  time we start reducing our carbon footprint with an aim to become completely carbon neutral. And we think one serving of refurbished tech will do the trick ✨.