Factors You Might Have Missed Out When Getting A Preloved Phone

Jun 10th 2020


Phone manufacturers would like you to believe that you cannot survive if you do not lay your hands on the latest and newest phone on the market, because they are looking to make a quick buck out of you. 

The truth is that there are tons of older and preloved phones that you could check out at much cheaper prices when you decide to upgrade your existing phone. You do not have to jump onto the bandwagon and get the shiniest and newest phones out there in the market the moment they are launched. Yet you would still be able to enjoy various features of used or preloved phones - without having to burst your wallet!

Before you dive into the world of preloved phones, here are some factors to consider before making a purchase.

  1. Consider the return policy of the preloved phone 

When looking around for a preloved phone, always be on the lookout for the return policy of the phone you are eyeing on. Admittedly, the return policy of a preloved phone would tell you a lot about the quality of that phone. A return policy that can range from a few days to weeks is a protection for you as a buyer, in case the phone does not work out as you expect it to. While some resale parties can set their own return policies, peer-to-peer marketplaces might hinge on agreements between individual buyers and sellers and not have a standard return policy in place for devices. The best bet for you is to read the fine print carefully before making any purchase, in case the phone does not work out as you wish. 

iPhone warranty

  1. Consider if your preloved phone has warranties 

The next step you would have to consider would be whether your preloved phone in mind has a good warranty policy. Once your return period for your phone is over, a phone warranty can safeguard your interests as a customer. Check if your phone’s warranty policy includes warranties for spoilt batteries, malfunctioning USB ports and a damaged headphone jack. The general idea is that warranties protect you as a customer from manufacturing defects or flawed parts of your phone. As much as possible, try to search for a warranty policy that is tied in with the purchase of the preloved and refurbished phone and offered by refurbishers. Such a policy would make it easier for you should you need to repair your phone. Also, check your credit card for any possible benefits that could come with buying your preloved phone, including warranty extensions. 

iPhone damage
  1. Structural damage and reduced functionality

Additionally, scrutinise the condition of your preloved phone to check if it is malfunctioning or damaged. Check the external condition of the body and screen your desired phone. Minor scratches are not surprising in preloved phones, and you would have to be prepared for them. What is more important is that you conduct a simple function test to check if the most crucial features and hardware of your desired phone are in good working condition. Shut your phone down and press the power button of the phone until the phone turns on again. Wait until the phone software has finished the boot process before moving on to testing it. When testing, check whether your phone’s call functionality, port for SIM card, charge port, touchscreen responsiveness and even camera hardware are in usable condition. You might want to see if the front camera of your phone has been badly scratched or damaged. Test the buttons of the phone to check how they press, respond and click.  

iPhone scam

  1. Beware of Phone Scammers 

In your excitement to get your desired preloved phone, you might be exposing yourself to the risks of phone scams. Common phone scams include people calling you and saying that your phone, that was originally theirs, was previously stolen. You might be at a loss of what to do, especially if you obtained your preloved phone from unknown individual sellers on peer-to-peer platforms like Craigslist and Carousell. Call the police and determine if your phone was reported missing or if it was put on the list of blacklisted phones. While it is technically possible that your phone was stolen and sold to you before its original owner could report its theft, the safest way to go is to report this matter to the police and ask them to investigate. Better still, do not obtain your phone from questionable sites and sellers that provide no verification of their identities.

iPhone seller

  1. Trustworthiness Of The Phone Seller

Again, in your enthusiasm to get your hands on your desired phone model in the shortest possible time, you might overlook the trustworthiness of the phone seller when you obtain your phone from individual sellers on Carousell, eBay and Craigslist. These peer-to-peer sites do not conduct due diligence processes on sellers and thus you as a buyer would be exposing yourself to the risks of dishonest sellers who might not tell you the actual condition of their phones before selling them to you. What is worse is that these uninspected sellers could very well be selling you a stolen phone! The best option would be for you to get a preloved phone from established and trustworthy marketplaces such as Reebelo. We at Reebelo work with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that no phone transacted on our platform is stolen, and ensure that you get good quality preloved phones at the most competitive prices in the market. 

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