How To Select The Best Apple Mac Computer For School

apple mac Jul 16th 2020


All set on getting a Macbook for your school or university studies?

In this article, we explore the types of Macbooks in order to determine whether you should get a Macbook Pro, a Macbook Air or some other Mac for your course of study.

Selecting a Macbook type depends on what you are studying and how much your budget is. Moreover, in light of nationwide lockdowns in response to the coronavirus, families might be searching for notebooks to assist their homeschooling needs at home. 

In such uncertain economic times, getting a brand new Macbook might be beyond the budget of many individuals and families alike. Thus, buyers should consider second-hand or refurbished Macbooks from reliable second-hand marketplaces like Reebelo instead of brand new ones to achieve their study goals and to avoid bursting their wallets. 

Macbook Air 

If you are searching for a Macbook that is portable and contains a decent battery storage without busting your budget, buying the Macbook Air might be a suitable option. Moreover, if you would like to spend time studying in school without a power adaptor, the MacBook Air might be more appropriate as its battery life can last for around twelve to thirteen hours. 

Furthermore, if you were to carry your laptop around school, the Macbook Air is a good choice as it is relatively light compared to the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air series has Macbooks with varying storage capacities, such as the one with 512GB storage and 256 GB storage. 

If you need more storage in future for various reasons, consider subscribing to more iCloud storage if there is limited storage on your laptop. Consider getting the 2018 and 2019 models second-hand or refurbished if you have a limited budget. You might also want to consider getting the pre-2017 model that works fairly well if you do not need your laptop for advanced computing purposes even though it has a processor dating back to 2014.

If you get your refurbished or second-hand Macbook at reliable electronics marketplaces like Reebelo, you can enjoy significant discounts of up to 70%. For instance, the Apple Macbook Air (2015) with an 13-inch screen and with 256GB of storage at Reebelo costs only $919, a 43% discount from its original price of $1599. 

The benefit of getting a refurbished or used Macbook at a discounted price is that you can save costs when getting it and trade it in at a later stage when you decide to upgrade your laptop in the future. While the value of older Macbooks (as with electronic devices in general) would fall as the months and years go by, Apple products tend to retain their value more compared to other notebooks.

MacBook Pro

The Macbook Pro will provide you the requisite power and features than the Macbook Air to enhance your student experience. MacBook Pros come in different types with different storage capacities, depending on your individual learning needs. For example, you might have your eyes on the 13in MacBook Pro model to fulfill your student needs at 256GB SSD storage with dual-core processors for your school projects.

Prices for brand new Macbook Pros, however, are ridiculously high and you might have to fork out thousands of dollars just to get your desired laptop. Many students might find brand new Macbook Pros out of their reach, but you can choose to withhold your purchase for a few more months for 2019 models and consider getting them at a later stage at a cheaper price. Also, you can consider refurbished or used ones that can do the job at a much lower price.

If your studies require a higher speed laptop, check out the quad-core 2.2GHz 13in Apple Macbook Pro A1398. Otherwise, the entry-level Macbook model should suffice to get your school assignments done without any hiccups. 

What You Are Studying Might Determine What Macbook You Need

If you are a design student figuring out interface design, illustration and 3D and even freelancing for some clients during your studies, your laptop needs might differ from a student majoring in Finance or International Relations. For example, if you are a design student, you might choose a laptop with a high-resolution display and that has a huge amount of storage. A student majoring in International Relations might not need a laptop with the same specifications. 

Just pay attention to Apple’s recent laptops that have been considered as sealed units with no room for added storage. Thus, upon purchase, you might need to reconfigure your laptop. Another tip you might find handy is to buy a Macbook for the present and the future, and not just for the present moment if you want to stretch your dollar and save costs in the long term. 

The good news is that should you purchase a Mac where you can install additional RAM (Random Access Memory) at a later point, (for example the 2018 Mac mini), you could purchase the RAM from a third party instead - but do bear in mind that you might not have a warranty time frame if you add the RAM yourself.

Get a Discounted And Quality Macbook At Reebelo

If you are in Singapore and are thinking of getting a refurbished or used Macbook for your studies instead of an expensive brand new model, Reebelo has your back. You need not fear when you purchase a Macbook from Reebelo as you will enjoy an accompanying free one month warranty. Moreover, as Reebelo works with the Singapore Police Force, rest assured that your Macbook will not be a stolen one. Reebelo works with several trusted experts and ensures that all it's refurbished devices have been completely cleaned, inspected and repaired so buyers get the most out of their purchases. 

Furthermore, if you are getting a Macbook at Reebelo, you would be indirectly reducing the amount of tech waste that is produced every day as you would be saving one more Macbook from ending up in landfills that harm the environment. What is even better is that if you have an old Macbook at hand, you can enjoy double savings by trading it in at the same time you make your purchase. Browse our collection of laptops here and get ready for school!