How To Sell Your Laptop

Free pick up service Nov 20th 2020


If you want to replace or upgrade your laptop to a more updated and user-friendly model, do not simply leave your old laptop on the shelf and let it collect dust. Properly disposing of your old laptop would be the right thing to do, although you might initially be at a loss on what the best way to go about it might be. A good idea would be to fetch some cash from this old laptop to offset the costs of getting an upgraded one as well as to help another buyer who might be eyeing your current laptop model and getting it  second hand. 

Indeed, selling and recycling your existing laptop is as easy as getting a new one. And if you are based in Singapore and are looking for a trusted and proven platform or dealer to sell your laptop, look no further than Reebelo. Read on for more expert tips on why you should sell your laptop in Singapore at Reebelo and how to sell your laptop or trade it in at the highest buyback price possible with us. 

Why Sell Your Laptop At Reebelo? 

Don’t worry if your laptop has a cracked screen, dying battery or no charger. We at Reebelo would buy your laptop regardless of its current condition. We want to reduce the amount of tech waste on our planet and therefore would like to recycle second hand laptops to prevent them from ending up in landfills and polluting the environment.  Reebelo prioritises data protection and therefore strives to protect the privacy of our customers. At Reebelo, all devices go through a complete and secure data deletion process by professionals.  

In addition, Reebelo is a registered second hand goods dealer with the Singapore Police Force with a MDA's Telecommunication Dealer's licence. Our mission is to professionalise the second hand electronics marketplace in Singapore. Trust us to always find the best deal for you when you sell your second hand or recently bought laptop because we collaborate with major laptop buyback partners in Singapore. 

1. Fill In Details About Your Laptop 

First things first, you would have to fill up a form detailing the exact condition of your laptop. Then, Reebelo would process your details and ascertain a suitable quote or pricing at which you can sell your laptop. Note that if your laptop has been severely cracked or damaged due to past accidents or a lack of care, you should not expect it to fetch too high a price. 

2. Wait For Vendors To Give A Quote 

After filling the details about the condition of your laptop up, wait for Reebelo’s trusted vendors to conduct an on-site assessment on your laptop to provide a quote. One major benefit of selling or trading your laptop in with Reebelo is that Reebelo compares with multiple major laptop buyback vendors to help you get the most competitive quote and best buyback prices.

In the unlikely event that there is a need for a change of quotation from expert evaluation due to certain defects, you will directly receive a competitive counter-offer which you can either accept, or simply keep your laptop otherwise.  Otherwise, Reebelo would return your laptop for free if the price does not match your expectations.. 

3. Receive A Call From Reebelo’s Customer Service Agent 

After we at Reebelo complete our in-depth comparison with our vendors for the highest buyback prices for your laptop, our customer service agents would contact you to inform you about our best price estimate for your laptop. During the call, you can address your concerns and clarify your doubts. Our dedicated customer service team is well-trained and happy to help you to the best that we can. Once you agree on our best price estimate for your laptop, Reebelo would schedule an appointment with you to either drop your laptop off or collect it at your doorstep should you be busy. Bear in mind that our free pick up laptop services are only available for buyback prices above $100. 

4. Get Paid Immediately 

Once you have successfully dropped your second hand laptop off at one of Reebelo’s partner stores or had it collected by Reebelo’s free doorstep pick up services, look forward to getting paid on the spot! With Reebelo’s convenient and transparent payment system that guarantees immediate payment, you would not have to worry about not getting paid on time or within the next few days.

It’s So Simple and Convenient To Sell Your Laptop At Reebelo! 

Selling your second hand or recently bought laptop in Singapore has never been simpler and more convenient. With Reebelo as Singapore’s trusted second hand electronics marketplace, you can look forward to making some cash with your existing laptop instead of letting it collect dust in a corner of your home. Also, enjoy double savings when you trade your laptop in and buy a second hand or refurbished laptop from Reebelo at the same time! Simply browse Reebelo’s collection of quality laptops here while stocks last!