How To Sell Your Samsung Phone In Singapore

highest buyback price Sep 7th 2020


For all you Android and Samsung fans out there in the know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G was launched just a few days ago in August 2020. 

If you are clamoring for this latest Samsung addition because its Samsung Notes has the ‘best app that Samsung ever created’ (at least claimed by Samsung), or if you are looking for a refurbished or used Samsung model, you might be thinking of getting rid of your old Samsung phone by selling it or trading it in. This is because the exorbitant price of this latest Samsung phone is almost a whopping $2,000, and the cash you could get when you sell your old Samsung Galaxy or Note could help you offset some of the costs. 

Yet you might be unsure of where you could sell your old Samsung phone in Singapore to get the highest Samsung Note or Samsung Galaxy buyback price possible. 

Hence we are providing you with a guide (see below) on how you could sell your old or used Samsung phone - at the highest price in Singapore. 


#1: Sell Your Old Samsung Phone At A Physical Mobile Phone Store 

Alright, you probably saw this option coming. This is because Singapore has various malls (both in the city centre and in the heartlands) with many physical mobile phone stores. After all, heading to the nearest physical mobile phone store sounds like the best option, since you would merely have to hand in your phone for inspection, agree upon the quoted price from the store assistant, and sell it.

Upon closer thought nonetheless, you might want to think twice before instantly heading to your neighbourhood phone store to sell your phone. 

The reason is because you might not sell your Samsung phone at the highest buyback price possible, simply because many of such mobile phone stores in Singapore do not offer sellers like you with the most competitive buyback prices in Singapore. 

Another reason why you might face difficulties in successfully selling your old Samsung phone at these physical outlets is that some of these outlets might reject your phone especially if it visibly contains scratches, cracks or other forms of damage. If they do accept your old Samsung phone, they might try to bargain their buyback price with you on account of the existing damages on your current phone. The result is that you as the seller would stand to lose out in monetary terms.  


#2: Sell Your Old Samsung Phone On Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces 

So, you have ruled out going to physical mobile phone stores. 

Well, the next thing you might think of would be to sell your old Samsung phone on peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces like eBay and Carousell Singapore. 

After all, you might reason, there are tons of customers out there who might want to lay hands on a Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Galaxy Note like your phone. 

Nonetheless, not every interested customer might be still keen to pay the highest buyback price for your Samsung phone, as many of them are individuals with budgets of their own. 

What is more, you would likely have to physically travel to meet your prospective customer, thus incurring extra time and effort, in order to conduct your sales transaction. 

If the prospective customer sees your current phone and rejects it after meeting you, on the pretext that its condition is not as pristine as he or she thought it out to be, you would have totally wasted your time. 

Should you wish to trade your old Samsung phone in with the prospective customer, you would be running a risk that the other party is handing over a defective or stolen phone. This is because P2P marketplaces do not have ample security features and reassurances to ensure that no fraudsters are out there trying to make quick bucks out of unsuspecting people like you. 

Again, if you really want to to be 100% sure that the other party is genuine, you would have to invest a great deal of time, effort and resources in conducting your own due diligence checks that might not be entirely foolproof in the first place. 

Evidently from the above scenarios, you as a seller would have to forge out additional costs in terms of time and resources to make a successful sale on such P2P marketplaces. 


#3: Sell  Your Samsung Phone In At Reebelo 

So now what are the options left? you might ask at this point. 

The good news is that Singapore already has an established and reliable second hand electronics marketplace known as Reebelo to address your safety, price and quality concerns when you sell your old Samsung phone. 

Importantly, Reebelo works with several top buyback vendors in Singapore to ensure that you get the highest price for your device. Reebelo’s buyback tool will also offer you an instant quotation based on the type and condition of your Samsung phone.

Furthermore, you would not need to incur additional time and effort (if your busy schedule does not call for it) to drop your old phone off at Reebelo’s office or at the locations of our partners. To make things super convenient for you, Reebelo provides you with a free pick-up and drop-off service right at your doorstep in order for you to sell your Samsung phone effortlessly and in a contact-free manner. To top it off, get paid directly on the spot or within the same day of your transaction! 


For Maximum Returns, Sell Your Samsung Phone In At Reebelo 

If you are in Singapore and are keen to sell your Samsung Galaxy S or Note smartphones, you would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so at Reebelo. Reebelo works with top buyback vendors to ensure that you get the highest buyback prices in Singapore for your device. They also offer free pick up delivery service or you can drop off your used phone at the buyback partner nearby you. Selling your phone at the highest buyback price can be a piece of cake. Many customers such as Joey have experienced high returns and convenience when selling their phones at Reebelo.

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