Pros and Cons Of Trading-in Your Phone At Telcos

Years ago, many of us would simply go to our mobile phone carrier to trade our existing phones in to get a new phone along with a one or two year contract with that respective carrier.

Today, we have a lot more options, including getting unlocked phones that give us more flexibility in choosing a carrier or switching plans.

We discover the pros and cons of trading-in your phone at telcos and explore if trading your phones in at telcos is really the best thing to do.

Pro #1: Telco Promotions And Perks

Telcos usually dangle contract phone deals bundled with extra data packages, price promotions, free calls and SMS to attract customers to sign up for these contract phones.

You might trade your existing phone in and sign up for these telco perks simply because you might think when you just top up your monthly payment for your phone and your phone service to get these additional deals.

If you are sticking with your existing carrier for the long run, these telco promotions and perks will be attractive to you and thus you might trade your phone in to get a new phone with these benefits.

Pro #2: Established Phone Networks

Another reason why you might trade your existing phone in for a new phone at your carrier is that your carrier is already established and will provide you a secure phone network to use your phone with.

Again, trading your phone in with your carrier works if you decide to stick with your existing carrier for the long term.

Con #1: You Will Be Stuck With One Telco
While there are benefits in trading your existing phone in for a new phone at your carrier, you will be stuck with your carrier because your new phone would be locked to it as well.
What this means is that you cannot bring your new phone to another carrier should you think of changing carriers, unless your phone is unlocked by your existing carrier.
What would be even more inconvenient is that your phone might not be compatible with your desired network and carrier.
In contrast, if you were to trade your existing phone in for your desired phone from trusted electronics marketplaces like Reebelo, you could bring it to any compatible carrier of your choice without the added inconvenience of unlocking it first.

Con #2: The Telco Might Not Have The Phone You Want

A second disadvantage in trading your existing phone in at your telco is that the telco (or telcos if you use phone services from more than one carrier) might not have the phone you want.

Telcos usually have a limited phone range and most likely do not have an archive of say, phones dating back five years ago. Thus if you are looking for an older phone model in order to save money, you might be disappointed when you see what the telco has to offer.

Con #3: You Will Be Stuck With The Phone Until Your Contract Ends

If you are on a contract with your carrier, and decide to trade your existing phone for a new phone with another contract, you will be limiting your freedom to change your phone should the need arise in the near future.

That being said, you will be caught in a lot of tiresome bureaucratic work as you would be technically under a new phone contract and thus cannot walk out of it easily. Getting your phone at telcos means you will be stuck with your phone, like it or not, until your contract ends.

Con #4: Noncompetitive Telco Phone Prices

Another drawback in trading your phone at your telco is that you will not enjoy the most competitive price rates in the market for your new phone.

What this means is that you could be paying much more than you need to, as opposed to getting the same phone model at a much cheaper price when you buy it refurbished or as a pre-loved phone.

Telcos, like any business, have their profit margins to hit and thus you as the buyer might not have your best interests represented when you transact with them.

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