Reebelo’s Customer Reviews - What Customers Have Been Saying About Reebelo

Jun 3rd 2020


So, you are thinking of getting a preloved or refurbished phone, laptop or other electronic device and are wondering why you should get it from Reebelo.

Perhaps, the first place that might come to mind when you decide to obtain a refurbished or preloved device is a peer-to-peer marketplace like eBay or Craigslist. 

Yet, there is extensive evidence on the dangers of getting one’s preloved device on such platforms. In short, you might likely encounter risks such as meeting up with dishonest sellers who might overcharge buyers for more than their phone can fetch as well as obtaining stolen phones that would land buyers into trouble with the law. Reliable Carousell accounts, such as Reebelo’s own Carousell account, are few and far between. 

Moreover, with the ongoing restrictions and distancing measures in place on the pretext of the coronavirus, many brick-and-mortar stores remain shut for at least the duration of Singapore’s circuit breaker. Therefore, customers who would like a reliable place to get their preloved devices would have to consider reliable second-hand phone marketplaces like Reebelo to get their products at highly competitive prices. 

In case you are still unsure about the excellent quality of Reebelo’s products and customer services, here are some testimonies of some of Reebelo’s customers for you to consider before purchasing with us!


Amazing Second-Hand Inventory

One major thing that stood out among some of Reebelo’s happy customers is Reebelo’s wide collection of second-hand or used devices like phones, laptops and tablets for customers to have their pick. Reebelo’s range of used devices with excellent quality and useful features means that customers can first browse through a selection of devices before deciding which device would best suit their needs. While some of the more popular devices on our platform can run out of stock fast due to popular demand, our existing inventory still comprises high quality and user-friendly products to cater to customers with every need and from every walk of life. Take for example, a case when one customer said that although the device he wanted was then out of stock, a Reebelo staff recommended a similar product that also satisfied his needs. The following shows a quote from one happy customer: 

 Great communication. [My] items were carefully picked to ensure the best condition possible! Delivery was also fast! When I had a preference for certain colours or specifications, Reebelo called me to offer other colours that contained features and qualities that matched my expectations. Good customer service!” 

-Reebelo’s Google Customer Review 

Furthermore, we at Reebelo are constantly building up our own expanding collection of second-hand devices by working with various buyback providers at highly competitive prices. All refurbished phones on Reebelo’s platform have been completely cleaned, inspected and repaired (if necessary) before their resale. Moreover, because Reebelo works closely with the Singapore Police Force, no second-hand device on our platform is stolen and thus customers can confidently shop for second-hand devices without worrying that they would end up on the wrong side of the law. 



Additionally, Reebelo’s past customers have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with their purchase experiences with us that they have indicated that they would return to shop for future products. This is because these customers regarded Reebelo as a highly trustworthy and credible platform from the start to the end of their purchase journeys. Customers particularly appreciated Reebelo’s prompt and flawless communication approaches to ensure the best customer interactions possible. Take the following anecdote from a customer who was impressed by Reebelo’s reliability: 


“I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism that Reebelo has provided. Reebelo provides top-notch service. When I first received my device, there was a defect [and] I needed an exchange. The team at Reebelo replied to my emails promptly, tactfully, and worked on the weekends for a happy customer. [They] even went the extra mile to personally come down to my home to provide the replacement. The replacement is more than excellent in condition, and I must say that if there is a trustworthy, professional and leading marketplace for refurbished electronics, Reebelo would be that company. Special thanks to Philip and Nick for handling my purchase with excellence and integrity.”

-Reebelo’s Google Customer Review 

Such prompt and round-the-clock customer service were crucial in assuring customers that Reebelo is a reliable platform that does not scam customers. Also, customers who were initially skeptical about Reebelo were convinced of Reebelo’s reliability when they actually interacted with our customer service team and obtained their product with excellent quality and with a highly competitive market price. Even when products arrived at customer doorsteps, they remained in good condition and still contained a reasonable warranty time frame to safeguard customer interests. For instance, one customer was very pleased that he had bought an iPhone X that looked like a brand new one with a good battery percentage - all at a discounted price! The savings this customer could enjoy, together with the premium quality of the purchased iPhone X, meant that the customer could enjoy double benefits simply by buying from us at Reebelo! Check out a skeptic-turned-fan’s experience with us: 

 “[I] decided to give Reebelo a try despite having qualms that this might be a scam 😂 - since the deals are too good to be true. Turns out, I was wrong about them and I'm really happy with my purchase and their customer service.” 

Reebelo’s Facebook Customer Review 


Reebelo’s 24/7 Customer Service and Operations 

On the topic of customer service, Reebelo has enjoyed a positive string of delighted customer reviews due to our relentless efforts in keeping our customers more than satisfied when interacting with us. Reebelo’s prompt and efficient response to customer queries were instrumental in assuring customers that their doubts could be put to rest and that their desired products would arrive seamlessly at their doorsteps. Customers regarded our efficient replies important in ensuring that their purchase experiences were as positive as possible in an era of remote communications. The fact that we at Reebelo offer round-the-clock customer service and operations support to assist customers and the raving reviews customers provided as a result goes to show that we are more than a marketplace for preloved and refurbished devices. Instead, we aim to create seamless customer experiences for each individual customer. It was interesting to hear from a couple of happy customers about Reebelo’s friendly and personalised approach at addressing customer problems or doubts. As no two customers are the same, we at Reebelo ensure that every customer gets his or her requisite amount of support and advice from the initial buying stages until the end when second-hand purchases are made and successfully delivered to customer homes. As another customer put it, 

“Fantastic service! Perfect device, speedy delivery. Amazing value for money!! My new favourite provider for electronics!”

Reebelo’s Google Customer Review 


Covid Safe Measures For Contactless Deliveries

One of the highlights from the myriad of positive customer reviews is that customers were very pleased when Reebelo’s seamless and contactless delivery and pick-up services enabled them to obtain their purchased devices as soon as possible as well as trade their existing devices in before these latter devices further fell in value. While Reebelo’s free delivery and pick-up services have been in store way before the circuit breaker measures in Singapore were underway, such contactless services have proven to be a huge boon when it comes to addressing customer concerns about safety and health. Customers were even more surprised when their orders arrived within two days of their purchase, due to Reebelo’s prompt and free customer delivery services. Furthermore, many customers were very content when they received their devices as their devices were almost brand-new and in mint condition. Thus, they could enjoy significant cost savings by paying reasonable prices of refurbished or second-hand phones while enjoying phones that were as good as, if not better than, brand new ones! 

“The transaction was smooth and the pricing was reasonable especially during this CB period.

They do not charge pick-up fees like other vendors.

Very good post-sale followup, kudos to Ms Divya on resolving administrative issues.

I would highly recommend dealing with them. :)”

Reebelo’s Google Customer Review 


Look Forward To An Enjoyable Customer Experience At Reebelo 

Reebelo is not just all talk and no action. Instead, we have taken concrete steps to ensure that all customer concerns are addressed as much as possible. Our huge inventory of second-hand devices, reliability, trustworthiness, prompt customer service and contactless delivery methods would ensure that customers’ interests when getting electronic devices are well-protected. We do not look to facilitate impersonal transactions on our platform. Rather, each customer who approaches us for a purchase query deserves to have his or her concerns addressed in the best possible manner. How about giving us a go and looking forward to a superb customer journey with us at Reebelo? Check out our awesome preloved collection of Apple products like iPhones as well as Android devices here