Refurbished Tech Deals That Will Light Up Father’s Day 

Jun 15th 2023


As much as we love the dad jokes (🤔ahem…) going around our dinner tables all year around, Father’s Day brings a new surge of appreciation, warmth, and love for our Dad heroes. It means something special to them. And well, there’s no better way to express this gratitude than treating them to equally loved refurbished tech presents. 

There’s a lot to choose from Reebelo’s wide selection of preloved phones, laptops, headphones, e-scooters, drones, and much more. All from the comfort of your home - as you leave the quality and vendor checks to our expert teams, and enjoy 100% functional devices with comprehensive buyer protection plans. 

At Reebelo, It’s Father's Day No Matter What Your Budget

Reebelo’s thoughtfully curated Father’s Day picks are up to 70% off, and fit every budget. They’re affordable, they’re fun, and they’re sure to make your Dad smile year after year. As you pick from the various grading options from Good to Pristine and As-New, give yourself a pat on the back for making the right (read: refurbished) choice and gifting your hero a device he will cherish. 

Refurbished Tech Gifts Under $100

We’d like to say your good wishes and thoughts make all the difference… but well, a sweet little under $100 gift will really make his day. There are a number of deals you can snag on our website right now while comfortably staying within your budget. 

For a dad who loves music and all things hands-free. The refurbished Apple Home Pod Mini on Reebelo is a sweet and thoughtful present that will brighten up his mornings while seamlessly integrating with his Father's Day present from last year - his cherished refurbished iPhone 12 mini.

For a dad who is always on the go and education is his passion. This refurbished HP Chromebook is powerful, durable, and chip-resistant. A great pick if he works in a fast-paced prone-to-wear educational environment. 

For a dad who likes being in charge of home security. The refurbished Ring doorbell will be the highlight of your Dad’s day as it empowers him no matter where he is. Peace of mind and security, all beautifully wrapped in this under $100 refurbished Father’s Day present. 

Refurbished Tech Gifts Under $300

A little more glam, and totally worth the extra investment - lo & behold Reebelo’s refurbished mid-range picks under $300: 

For a dad who wants to try new features but values familiarity. The refurbished iPhone 11 Pro provides the much-needed feature upgrade while keeping the main navigation functionality the same. Kudos for your thoughtfulness. 

For a dad who’s a clean tech pro and always on the go. The refurbished Hover 1 e-scooter is a great pick for those who want to try new clean tech gadgets. It will make a wonderful present for a dad who loves to go for neighborhood spins and values a low-carbon impact on the planet. 

For a dad who loves a mighty opponent. The refurbished Microsoft Xbox Series S Gaming Console will put up a good fight - for a game of soccer and for refurbished, sustainable tech becoming our #1 choice on this special day 🏆.

Refurbished Tech Gifts Under $500

Definitely an investment our heroes deserve. Rest assured, Rebeelo’s 14-day returns, 70+ quality checks, and extended warranties will be your night in shining armor (after your Dad of course…)

For a dad who wants a statement timepiece without compromising his fitness goals. The refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum 45mm is a sleek, minimalist fitness tracker with comprehensive health and safety apps. It’s also a great piece to dress up or down for each one of life’s wonderful occasions. 

For a dad who’s a true power user and doesn’t shy away from multitasking. The refurbished Galaxy Tab S7+ (2020) is an ideal choice for intensive professional and personal use on a daily basis. Excellent, top-of-the-line features will be a great upgrade to everyday activities. 

For a dad who’s a workaholic and ready to hop on the next plane. The refurbished Apple MacBook Air 2019 Retina 13.3” is truly light as air. It’ll be a handy laptop for him to grab and go as he works on and off the next flight. 

Got something else on your mind for the perfect Father’s Day present? Head over to for a wide selection of refurbished tech at unbeatable prices.