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Highest trade-in prices for Laptops in Singapore



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Tell us about your laptop. We'll find you the highest buyback price for your laptop in the market!



Free Pickup or Drop-off

We conveniently pick your laptop up for free from your home & work. Or you can book an appointment to drop your laptop off.



Safe Payment

Get paid on the spot for your laptop at our partner stores, or directly at your doorstep.

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Singapore's trusted marketplace for sustainable tech.


Made in Singapore

We are on a mission to make 2nd hand the new cool in Singapore!


Registered & Trustworthy

Reebelo is a registered 2nd hand goods dealer with the SPF.

100% Transparent

Our caring customer service will answer all your questions.


3,000+ Climate Reebels

More than 3,000 happy customers are saving the planet with us.

Want to sell your business phones or laptops?

Sell or trade-in your company's devices with Reebelo. We'll get you the best price & make sure they have a great second life.

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Sell or trade-in your phone with Reebelo for the best price in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Reebelo 

Reebelo is APAC’s leading marketplace for sustainable tech with offices in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. We believe in a future where everyone has access to affordable Laptops, delivered through a platform built on sustainable values and quality-assured Laptop. Whether it’s refurbished or new, buying or selling, it’s time to say hello to Reebelo - read more about our company here.

Can I trust Reebelo?

Reebelo's mission is to professionalize and bring trust to the 2nd hand market. We are a registered Second Hand Goods Dealer with Singapore Police Force and hold IMDA's Telecommunication Dealer's license. But most importantly, you can also trust us to find the best deal to sell your new or used Laptop as we work together with several buyback partners in Singapore!

When do I get paid?

Our partners will directly pay you on the spot, no matter if you choose to drop off your Laptop or convenient pickup with doorstep payment. In case that our experts cannot confirm the quoted price after the final expectation, you will directly receive a competitive counter-offer which you can either accept or simply keep your Laptop otherwise.

How does the doorstep pickup process work?

In case that you choose our hassle-free pickup from your doorstep, you can directly submit via our web form your preferred time & address where our operations partner shall pick up your Laptop. After a quick check, you get directly paid at your doorstep. In the unlikely case that the price we can offer is lower than the online quote, you can choose to accept our offer or to keep your Laptop.

How does the dropoff process work?

After getting a quote online, you can directly schedule an appointment to drop off your Laptop at one of our offline partner stores across the island. Please reach on time to ensure that our technician has the time when you arrive at our partner store. After your booking, we will send you detailed instructions on how to best get there via email. There will be a quick on-site check of your Laptop and you will be paid directly on the spot.

How do you estimate the price of my device?

We partner with several major buyback partners across Singapore to make sure that you get a competitive and fair price when you sell your Laptop. To get a quote, you just need to complete a few questions about the condition of your Laptop. We automatically find out who offers the highest price and you instantly get a quote. After a brief on-site check, your quote will be confirmed. For the unlikely case that the final quote is different from the online quote, you can choose to sell for the competitive offer you will get, or you can keep your Laptop if it doesn't match your expectations.

What devices can I sell with Reebelo?

You can find all the Laptop which our vendors currently buyback here. In case that your device isn’t listed, we currently don’t buy them back, unfortunately.

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

After booking an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with the attached link to your appointment. On that page, you can any time change or cancel your appointment. As prices tend to fluctuate, we do not recommend canceling and rebooking your appointment to avoid the prices dropped since your last booking.

How do different conditions affect the quote?

Reebelo is committed to getting you the highest prices for your Laptop regardless of your device's conditions! Make sure to answer all questions as honestly as possible to avoid price differences during the on-site check. Please note that the quote provided is an indicative quote based on the given condition of the Laptop but the final quote will be given after our partners have inspected the Laptop physically during your appointments.

Is my data protected?

Each Laptop that is bought back through Reebelo must undergo a full data wipe. Reebelo's partners are professional refurbishers registered with the Singapore Police Force who must respect PDPA and user privacy regulations. In any case, we always advise you to the first backup, and then delete all data and remove all accounts from your Laptop before selling it. Please note that once sold, we will not be able to retrieve any data that you have forgotten to backup.

Where is your shop located?

Reebelo is a Singapore based company. We work together with all major buyback & trade-in partners across Singapore to find you the best offer for your new or used Laptop that you wish to sell. You will find Reebelo certified partner stores across the island. Please note that you have to use the webform above prior to selling to ensure that a technical team-member is available when you arrive.

Sell New or Used Laptop

Sell new or used laptop. You can sell your laptop with Reebelo.

Get the best price

Reebelo works together with the best laptop buyback partners in Singapore. We compare trade-in prices and ensure that you get the highest buyback price for your laptop.

Sell your laptop to us at any condition

Keyboard not working? Screen burn/discolouration? CD-drive not working? No problem! Our mission is to reduce e-waste and you can sell your laptop even if it has been through a lot. Simply use the form above and get a quote about its estimated value.

Buyback & Trade-In

In addition to selling your used laptop or new laptop, you can also trade-in a laptop when buying a refurbished laptop at Reebelo. After submitting your form above, simply let our operations team know that you want to trade-in. Upgrade your laptop today!

Used laptop trade-in prices

Brand Model Price (SGD)
Apple Sell Used Apple MacBook Air $
Apple Sell Used Apple MacBook Pro $

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