5 Preloved Phones To Buy (July 2020 Edition)

cheap second hand phones for sale singapore Jul 27th 2020


Thinking of getting a phone upgrade but are not sure which model to get? 

Budget conscious and do not want to burst your wallet on a brand new phone with a ridiculously high price?

Keen to opt for refurbished or second hand phones instead of brand new ones for your next upgrade? 

Then, you are on the right page! 

In this piece, we explore five preloved phone models that you should have a look at, before selecting one for your next phone upgrade! 

 iPhone XS Max 

If you are a loyal Apple user, you might have spent thousands of dollars in the past upgrading to state-of-the-art Apple models, even though getting these models burnt huge holes in your pockets. 

This year however, you might be feeling the financial pinch even more acutely due to the global economic downturn and are probably hoping to lessen the burden on your finances. Yet you might be so used to Apple phones that Android phones seem so alien to you.  

What you need to do is to evaluate your actual phone needs versus your wants. Then, after you have decided on your needs, check if brand new iPhone models still fall within your budget. 

Chances are, the rumoured iPhone 12 that might be launched in the later part of 2020 might be beyond your means.

Fret not, as you can still check out the slightly older (but still premium quality) iPhone XS Max that debuted in 2018. The iPhone XS Max is for people who are looking for an enlarged screen experience when looking at livestreaming videos and other video clips on their devices, owing to the great power in its handset. The good news for those of you who are sick of having to frequently charge your phones during the day due to faltering battery lives is that this iPhone model has a robust battery life. If you are a shutterbug and like to snap quality phones with your phone, you could consider this iPhone as Apple claims that its camera is better than the iPhone XS model. Check out the convenient dual SIM card feature in this iPhone especially if you might have to use overseas SIM cards. At Reebelo, you can enjoy a huge discount of 47% when you get the refurbished iPhone XS Max while enjoying the premium features of this device. 

 iPhone XS

If you are not a fan of watching videos on your device and simply are not that particular about the dimensions of your screen, you might prefer the iPhone XS that has a smaller screen dimension. In fact,while the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, the iPhone XS screen display is only at 5.8-inches. That being said, your camera quality would not be compromised, because the iPhone XS has a camera quality that has been enhanced with Smart HDR and a good battery management system. Together with the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS has a similar design to the iPhone X, such as the OLED display, glass back, click buttons and the like. If you get the iPhone XS as a refurbished phone from Reebelo, you can enjoy significant savings of 51%! At Reebelo, a thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired iPhone XS costs only $799 instead of its original price of $1620. 

iPhone X

While the iPhone X was introduced around three years ago towards the end of 2017, its wide 5.8-inch OLED screen, dual 12MP camera with its telephoto F/2.4 with OIS and wide-angle F/1.8 with OIS, would provide users the opportunities to snap quality and memorable photos and portrait mode selfies. If you are the careful sort of person and use a phone case to guard your phone, you might consider the iPhone X with its all-glass body. Save a whopping 55% of your hard-earned money when you get a refurbished iPhone X from Reebelo at only $629

 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 

In case you are wondering when we are going to stop raving about the Apple preloved or refurbished phones you should consider for your 2020 upgrade, hang in there, Android fans. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely an Android phone that is worth your attention if you are looking for an upgrade with a wider screen. This Samsung phone that has caught our eye has a 6.4-inch screen as well as a gigantic 1TB of storage capacity. Also, the camera can shoot good quality photos even in places with limited light. And if you are concerned about battery life, rest assured that this Android phone will not disappoint as it has a solid battery life cycle. What is even better is that if you are on a tighter budget, you can get this Android phone from us at Reebelo at only $499!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Grey


If you are an Android fan with a preference for lean and elegant phones as well as if you have a bigger budget to spare, then the Samsung Galaxy Fold Grey might be just the one for you. Its 7.3-inch infinity flex display and foldable screen can provide users with the combined experiences of a tablet and a smartphone. You can treat this Samsung phone like a book as it opens and closes neatly like one. If you are concerned about size, rest assured that when you close this foldable phone, it remains portable and within the grasp of your hand. Moreover, when you get this phone from a trusted site like Reebelo, you can enjoy a discount of 24%

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