A Simple Guide To Guard Yourself When Buying Refurbished Electronics

android refurbished Jul 29th 2020


If you are on a shoestring budget and have to upgrade your phone or other electronic device, the best bet would be to avoid expensive brand new products altogether. Rather, you ought to check out refurbished electronics that could provide you immense value at heavily discounted prices, thus enabling you to save more of your hard-earned money. That being said, to fully enjoy the returns of your investment in refurbished electronics, you would need to know a couple of essential pointers besides price points to safeguard your interests as a customer. Read on to find out what are the factors you should take into account when getting refurbished electronics for yourselves and for your loved ones. 

Note The Differences Between Refurbished And Second Hand 

Many people have the idea that refurbished products are goods of inferior quality, hence the cheaper prices. While refurbished electronics were bought and returned to the manufacturers for various reasons including that of defective parts, refurbished products are those that have undergone some sort of maintenance, clean-up and/or repair. Refurbished  devices could be almost brand new or used products that have gone through around 40+ quality checks and touch-ups from sellers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Once proven to be of excellent quality, refurbished devices would generally be put up for re-sale. 

Therefore, refurbished electronics can be as good in terms of quality as their brand new counterparts as they have been completely inspected and attended to prior to their re-sales. If you decide to purchase your next electronic product with a trusted refurbished electronics dealer like Reebelo, you can inquire about the exact conditions of your intended purchase before making your decision. Dealers like Reebelo usually have rating systems that can inform buyers like you if their desired refurbished electronics are in excellent, very good or good conditions. Just bear in mind during your buying journey that refurbished products are not brand new ones, so a bit of surface wear and tear is to be expected. 

On the other hand, used electronics are pre-loved and second hand products that have been put up for re-sales. Buyers who buy used electronics would get these products in their existing conditions, whether good or otherwise. Evidently, you as a buyer would be running a greater risk in terms of product quality if you were to buy a used product instead of a refurbished one. 

Always Look At Seller Reviews And Buy From Reliable Sellers 

More haste, less speed. Do not be in a rush to get your desired refurbished product that you have seen online. Instead, do your due diligence and research on the reliability of the company or seller that you are intending to buy from. Check customer ratings, history and reviews to ensure that you are not purchasing from a sham business. Do your homework and read customer reviews, ratings, and history to make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable organization. Know if the seller is specific about the refurbishing process to make sure the item has been thoroughly checked. Compare the refurbished product with a brand new one if possible to see if their features correspond to each other. 

Besides positive customer reviews on the seller’s website, search for other forms of testimonials and feedback from alternative sources like media statements. Check if your desired product has genuinely been refurbished by the manufacturer of the product. Otherwise, you can also source for excellent refurbished electronic products from other reliable sellers such as Reebelo that sell these refurbished items at huge discounts. 

Cheapest Is Not Necessarily The Best 

Although cheaper products might be more attractive due to the greater monetary savings to be enjoyed as a result, do not rush headlong into getting the cheapest refurbished item available. Remember that there are risks linked with refurbished or second hand items with substantial price cuts. A useful tip to note would be that the prices for refurbished electronics are determined by factors such as when the products were initially launched and put for sale originally, and not the duration that these products were in use by their previous owners.  

Always Snag A Reasonable And Good Product Warranty  

Getting your desired refurbished product with an accompanying warranty time frame that is not too short is crucial. This is because you have to safeguard your interests as a customer, not just before the purchase, but also after it. This is when a solid warranty time frame comes in handy to ensure that should your refurbished product exhibit signs of defects or crankiness, you can send it back to the seller or manufacturer for repairs. Ideal warranty time frames usually range from thirty to ninety days. At Reebelo, all our products come with at least 1-month warranty time frames to best protect your interests as our customer!

Obtain A Decent Return Policy

Another way to guard yourself against possible product scams is to ensure that your purchase comes with  a decent return policy. The truth is that not every product flaw will surface when you inspect the refurbished product before you buy it. You might have to use your refurbished product for some time after purchase for defects start to rear their ugly heads on your product performance. An optimal time frame for your return policy would be at least fourteen to thirty days.  

Scrutinise The Fine Print Policy 

Additionally, further protect your interests as a customer when you get your refurbished item. Before your purchase, you can never scrutinise the fine print policy enough. Always evaluate what the fine print has to say regarding customer protection, return policies as well as the amount of refund you can get should the product turn out defective (due to inherent flaws) after purchase. Check if paying by credit cards can prolong your warranty time frame. Also, ask about the duration sellers would need to repair your product should you send it for repair during the warranty period. A reliable seller selling a decent product with a solid warranty is a good sign that you are getting your money’s worth when you buy the refurbished product. 

Do An Accessory Audit 

If you have made your mind up and decided on a particular purchase, do your necessary audit on the actual product specifications and the accompanying accessories of your purchased product. Does your purchase, for example, come with cables and chargers? If not, would you have to incur additional costs in getting the required cables and chargers? How will these additional purchases (if any) affect your total budget for this item? Such questions like these are useful to keep yourself accountable and to keep within your budget. 

Keep All Relevant Documents In One Place 

When you get a refurbished electronic product, you might need further help and repairs upon purchase. To avoid the undesirable situation when you need to return your product for repairs during the warranty time frame of the product but cannot do so because you lost your supporting documents, the best bet for you is to keep organised. Put all relevant documents, such as the fine print page and the warranty policy page into one particular place. By doing so, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and can even get partial refunds from your initial purchase, should the situation call for it. 

Get Quality Refurbished Devices From Reebelo

Cutting down your spending in these dire economic times does not mean that you should settle for sub-standard electronic devices. Without sacrificing product quality and your interests as a customer, get your desired refurbished device from us at Reebelo. Have a look at our site before making a final decision. We at Reebelo will sell you your desired product at the most competitive price in the market. If you have been offered a cheaper price from another seller, simply inform us and we will match! Save even more by trading your existing device in during the same transaction! Make your purchase of Reebelo’s refurbished product a long-term and fruitful investment!