How To Choose Your Used Or Refurbished Samsung Phone

best budget samsung phone Aug 18th 2020


So you have ruled out on getting an iPhone for your next phone upgrade or purchase because of the sky-high price. Yet you still hanker for a high-end phone. 

You check the range of Samsung Galaxy phones available and eventually set your eyes on one or more of them. 

Again, due to the high prices (although possibly not as high as iPhone prices) of the Samsung phones that you have in mind, you eventually decide to get a used or refurbished Samsung phone at a discounted price. 

Nonetheless, getting a used or refurbished phone is not as straightforward as it might initially seem. You would need to conduct a bit of due diligence on your end to avoid the pitfalls that come with getting a second hand or refurbished Samsung phone. 

This is because the marketplace for secondhand phones is getting increasingly saturated and risky. More and more unreliable and dishonest sellers with poor quality phones are entering the secondhand electronic devices market, putting buyers like yourself at risk of getting scammed. 

To protect yourself when getting a quality Samsung used or refurbished phone while remaining safe from potential scams, read the checklist below. 


Check That The Phone Has Been Remanufactured By Samsung Engineers

Getting a refurbished Samsung phone is not just getting a used Samsung phone that was previously owned by another person and then put up on eBay for sale. 

Instead, a refurbished Samsung phone, regardless of model, must have been completely inspected, checked and repaired by Samsung engineers (the Original Equipment Manufacturers) before being put up for resale. This quality inspection by Samsung would ensure that you would not be wasting your hard-earned money in buying this refurbished phone only to find out that it still has outstanding functional defects. 

At Reebelo, we partner with OEMs and various reliable partners to ensure that all refurbished Samsung phones are of excellent quality and are accompanied by solid warranty time frames to protect customers like yourself. 


Ensure That You Get What You Signed Up For 

When you are in a rush to settle on your desired refurbished or used Samsung phone, you might overlook details (such as the accessory box and accompanying products in addition to  your phone) that could eventually cost you extra bucks in the end. 

What you should do is to conduct an accessory audit on the product specifications and the accessories that accompany your purchased Samsung phone. Check if your phone purchase includes the Samsung chargers and cables too. If your purchase excludes such important accessories like chargers and cables, you would have to spend more to get these missing accessories. How, then, will these extra purchases affect your total budget for this particular purchase? Will these extra spendings exceed your budget? 

If you choose to buy your Samsung phone from an unauthorised and dubious individual seller on eBay or Carousell, you run a greater risk of paying additional costs (hidden and not upfront) as many of these sellers are not transparent with customers like you on what you would be getting as a result of your purchase. 

In contrast, if you get your Samsung phone at a trusted secondhand marketplace like Reebelo, you would enjoy a transparent and straightforward purchase process as you would know exactly what you would be getting if you purchase a used or refurbished Samsung phone, and how much you would have to fork out as a result. 


Know Which Samsung Model Suits You Best

The latest phone does not necessarily mean that it is the most suitable one for your needs. You could be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a more recent phone that might not adequately address what you really need. Instead, do a reality check on your needs versus your wants to ascertain which is the most appropriate Samsung phone model that caters to your lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a phone with a grip that is convenient to hold as you walk along the street and has a good camera that focuses on the subjects of the photographs you would take, consider the Samsung Galaxy A11 model. This phone has a 2MP Depth Camera that allows you to alter the depth of field before and after you take a shot. Moreover, the smooth curvatures of this phone enables you to hold it easily. You can shop and save big on your Samsung Galaxy A11 phone at Reebelo.

Alternatively, if you prefer elegant phones and if you have a bigger budget to spare, consider the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a foldable screen and a 7.3-inch infinity flex display. Look forward to the dual experiences of a smartphone and a tablet with this model as you can open and close this Samsung phone like a book. When closed, this phone remains within the grasp of your hand and thus is very portable like other smaller phones. Save big when you get the Galaxy Fold phone at Reebelo! 


Explore Your Galaxy Of Samsung Options With Reebelo 

Samsung produces quality and user-friendly phones in various models and colours. Yet getting brand new Samsung phones might burst your budget. Instead, when you get a used or refurbished Samsung phone from a trusted marketplace like Reebelo, you can enjoy huge discounts and peace of mind because your phone was not a stolen one previously and that it has an accompanying warranty period. In fact, previous customers have mentioned Reebelo’s stellar customer services and good quality secondhand phones. With Reebelo providing quality Samsung phones at significant discounts, we hope that you as our customer would not have to burst your wallet while getting the best Android phone that suits your needs. Start browsing through Reebelo’s awesome collection of Samsung phones here now!