How to Choose Your Refurbished Or Used Apple iPhone

Buying used iPhone checklist Aug 4th 2020


When you accidentally drop your iPhone in the wash or on the road where it gets run over by passing vehicles, you have to replace it promptly. Bonus points for you if you can obtain a replacement iPhone that is of good quality and that remains affordable. This is because brand new iPhones are infamous for their sky-high prices and thus buying a new one could be highly intimidating for your bootstrapped budget. To raise your chances of obtaining an affordable iPhone, you could explore getting a used or refurbished one at a significant discount. Having said that, except for trusted family members or friends who might sell you their preloved iPhones at cheap prices, many sellers out there in the market might not be reliable or honest. 

How, then, can you navigate the crowded second-hand iPhone marketplace and get your desired iPhone while enjoying huge savings? 

Read on to find out exactly how and where you can do so.


Ensure That You Are Buying From A Trustworthy Seller

Think of this nightmare scenario: You spend hundreds of dollars trying to get your desired used or refurbished iPhone and realise after purchase that the phone you just got was stolen previously. When you try to contact the seller, he or she is uncontactable, having escaped scot-free after collecting your money. The next thing you know is that you might have to end up at the police station and possibly get into a lot of trouble (and red tape) because the phone that you have was stolen from another owner. While iPhones are not the only types of phones that are stolen, their premium brand quality means that they are easy targets for thieves and scammers to make profits.  

To avoid the aforementioned situation, the first and foremost thing you would have to do before making any impulsive purchase decisions would be to verify that the seller you are buying your iPhone from is trustworthy. Take note that verifying a seller’s credibility might be a problem if you are buying your phone from an unknown individual seller on Carousell or eBay. You would have to invest tons of time and effort into fact-checking and authenticating whether your sellers are legitimate or otherwise.

To save you the time and hassle in checking the backgrounds of potential sellers, get your iPhone from a trusted second-hand electronics marketplace like Reebelo that also has its own account on Carousell. Unlike individual sellers on Carousell that might be of dubious backgrounds, Reebelo is an established second-hand electronics dealer that works with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that no phone transacted on its platform has been stolen, blocked or blacklisted. Moreover, Reebelo works with various credible partners to ensure that customers can obtain their desired electronic devices at huge discounts as well as that the quality of its products exceeds customer expectations. Till date, Reebelo has enjoyed many positive customer reviews.

Customers have praised Reebelo for their premium quality refurbished products that also came with accessories.

"I was looking for a refurbished iPhone 11 and found Reebelo. I chose my phone and wanted an express delivery. Got my phone after a day when in fact I was expecting it in 2 - 3 days. So far, so good. I love my new iPhone. Works pretty well. Good condition too! Thank you for the hassle-free transaction guys!” - Chay Enerio. Trustpilot Reebelo's Customer Review.


Inspect The Battery Life 

With the iPhone battery of a new iPhone, one can get an average of 10 hours of speaking time. Yet even robust iPhone battery lives do not last forever because battery capacities drop when the phone’s recharge limit is attained and when the phone ages. Where possible, inspect the battery life of your desired used or refurbished iPhone before purchase, and continue to monitor the battery capacity after purchase (during the warranty period). Should you be purchasing a second-hand phone that is older than a year, take into account additional costs that you might incur when you need to install a new battery to the phone. Fortunately, when you get your refurbished iPhone at Reebelo, your iPhone would have been completely inspected, cleaned and repaired (40+ quality checks) before you buy it. At Reebelo, we put a premium service on providing customers with quality phones that have decent battery lives. Moreover, previous Reebelo customers such as Nicole have noted that Reebelo is reliable and its customer service team ensures that the buying process is as transparent as possible for customers with good follow-ups on customer enquiries. 

Love the idea behind this business. Finally a trustworthy marketplace for second-hand electronic devices. If you're looking for a phone but you don't feel like spending too much, this is where to go.” -Nicole, Trustpilot Reebelo’s Customer Review


Conduct Other Quality Control Checks 

While you should expect some surface wear and tear on the exterior of your desired used or refurbished phone, you would still have to inspect your desired phone to ensure that it is not severely damaged. Besides inspecting the battery capacity of the phone (which we covered in the previous point), check if the sound volume on the speakers of the iPhone is not too soft as well as ensure that the headphone jack is still working by inserting your headphones in to see if sound can be heard. Press the touch screen to see if the screen responds to your touch and that the home button is in working order. 


Ensure That the Phone Is Unlocked

If you have your eyes set on a certain iPhone model, verify if your desired phone has been carrier locked or if it is an unlocked phone. If you got your hands on an unlocked phone, good for you because unlocked phones bring about a host of other benefits such as offering you the flexibility to choose your desired phone carrier and phone contract. When you have an unlocked phone, you can also more easily trade your existing phone in as compared to users with carrier-locked phones that would require more hassle to unlock those phones. 



Getting a used or refurbished iPhone is still a gamble, regardless of where and when you obtain it. What is more, an iPhone (refurbished or even brand new) will generally cost more than an Android Phone with similar features. Therefore, to safeguard your investments into your used or refurbished iPhone, you should consider getting an iPhone with a decent warranty time frame. An iPhone with a reasonable warranty ensures that you can send your phone back to the manufacturer or seller for repair should your phone show more defects after purchase. The good news for you is that all our products at Reebelo come with at least 1-month warranty time frames to best protect your interests as our customer!


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