Things To Expect When Getting A Refurbished Phone

Jun 25th 2020


What Is A ‘Refurbished Phone’?

A refurbished phone is a phone that has undergone any form of cleaning, repair, maintenance and inspection. Some refurbished phones have been used by previous owners but have gone through some sort of repair and cleaning. Other refurbished phones are devices that were returned to carriers/manufacturers/retailers not too long after their original sales and given some cleaning up as well as a new warranty time frame.

The general characteristic of any refurbished phone is that it has gone through several quality checks (70+) from sellers and manufacturers and has been certified to be of top quality before being put on sale again. Examples of tests carried out by manufacturers and sellers on such phones include but are not limited to tests on audio quality, battery charges, cameras and buttons.


Why You Should Get A ‘Refurbished Phone’

Getting a refurbished phone would mean that you would be having a phone that has been completely cleaned, repaired and inspected by phone specialists who usually come from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of that particular phone. Therefore you would be getting access to the same good quality of technical support just as if you were to buy an expensive new phone. You can enjoy quality savings when you pay much less for a refurbished phone than for a brand new one. A refurbished phone that has been completely checked for quality and that has a good warranty period would be more value for money than a brand new phone with liabilities that might have gone unchecked.

The following sections talk about what you should expect when getting a refurbished phone.

A Trustworthy Seller Would Protect Your Customer Interests 

First and foremost, get your refurbished phone from a credible and reputable seller. There are tons of refurbished phones out there in the market, from many individual and corporate sellers alike. When you decide on a particular refurbished phone, ensure that the seller you buy it from is reliable and credible with a past track record. You would not want to buy a phone from an unknown or dodgy seller only to find that it has been stolen from a previous owner or that it contains many quality defects that you do not know about precisely because the seller was dishonest from the start. Moreover, you would not want to find other people’s data still on your phone because it would be a sure indication that your phone has not been inspected on and reinstated to factory settings. 

Fortunately, there are credible and established refurbished phone sellers in the market with raving customer reviews such as Reebelo. Reebelo works with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that all phones transacted are not stolen. Moreover, Reebelo thoroughly inspects and checks for major phone defects that could undermine the workability and usability of any phone.

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Minor Surface Defects/Scratches

Refurbished phones have different grades or levels. If you are buying a top grade phone, it could be almost impossible to tell the difference between your phone and a brand new one. If you choose to buy a lower grade refurbished phone, you might find a bit more dents, scratches as well as wear and tear on your phone. The problem you might encounter when you buy a refurbished phone from an unknown or unverified seller is that you could overpay for a refurbished phone of a lower grade . Having a reliable seller such as Reebelo to walk you through the various grades of refurbished phones is crucial to ensure you do not overpay for any phone you purchase. At Reebelo, you would only be getting your phone at the most competitive price in the market. If you have been offered a lower price elsewhere besides the one we are offering for your desired phone, simply inform us and we will match.

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Return Policy And Warranty Time Frame 

Carefully read and understand the return policy and warranty time frame of the refurbished phone you are keen on. This is because the warranty time period (if any at all) and return policy of any refurbished phone would be clear signs of the actual quality of that phone. Protect yourself as a buyer by reading the fine print that states the return policy and underlying conditions for return of your refurbished phone in question. Further safeguard yourself from wasting your money on poor quality ‘refurbished’ phones that contain malfunctioning batteries and spoilt USB ports by scrutinising the warranty policy (if any) of your phone. If you are buying your phone from individual sellers on peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Craigslist, eBay and Carousell, chances are you might not be getting a phone with a warranty. Thus, you might be exposed to the risks of flaws and defects that you have to rectify with additional costs. However, if you buy your refurbished phone from trusted marketplaces like Reebelo, you will enjoy a 3-month warranty coverage.


Ensure Product Descriptions Match Accessories 

Check that when you choose a refurbished phone with accessories such as headphones, charges and more, these accessories should be present as mentioned in the accompanying product descriptions. With an established and reliable seller like Reebelo, the chances of you getting exactly what you ordered in good quality are much higher than if you were to buy your phone from individual sellers. 

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Get Your Refurbished Phone And Enjoy Huge Savings With Reebelo

Reebelo’s certified refurbishing partners transform used devices such as phones into top quality devices for resale. Reebelo ensures that all refurbished phones have good warranty time frames and have competitive prices. Get your refurbished phone from Reebelo’s collection of phones here!