What Types Of Phones Are Best For Seniors?

Jun 19th 2020


Mobile phones can be crucial for seniors to communicate with their loved ones as well as  to keep their minds active and occupied by learning useful things online. Yet there are many seniors who are still wrestling with the nuts and bolts of mobile technological devices because of a lack of technological knowledge. Moreover, with smartphone screens measuring an average of 13 centimetres in diameter, older people with vision problems might find reading messages from such mobile screens difficult. What is worse is that seniors with unsteady hands due to health conditions like arthritis might find it tough to navigate the touch screens of smartphones.

The following sections speak of the features of elderly-friendly phones and suggest some phone models that you might consider when you get a mobile phone for a senior. 

Phones That Help Visually Impaired Users

One of the first things that come to mind when selecting a mobile phone for seniors is the size of the phone screen in question. Seniors suffering from deteriorating vision and long-sightedness will find phones with large screens (and consequently large fonts) a great help. A big, clear and bright display on a phone screen would help an older person communicate with his or her loved ones and to access necessary information to keep himself or herself occupied. 

When seniors have myopia, it can mean a lot when they are reading information from phones with magnifiers that use the video camera in the phone to display an amplified image of a physical object on the phone screen. Also it would help these older people greatly when their phones have large screens and readable fonts as opposed to smaller screens with tiny fonts. Seniors can further aid their vision and reading with phones that include a heightened contrast of colors and fonts that help readers distinguish one piece of information from another. 

Samsung phone for seniors

Phones With Voice Command Options

In order to facilitate seniors’ communication with loved ones and friends in our digital era, senior-friendly phones should contain voice command options that enable seniors to better handle simple and complicated functions on their phones via voice interactions. 

With Google Android phones that are compatible with Google Voice and iPhones that are compatible with Siri to enhance user experience, seniors can benefit with seamless voice interactions with their devices while leveraging upon text-to-speech technologies (tools that make the phone read text aloud), in the “Accessibility Settings” of their smartphones.


GPS Settings For Caregiver Support Apps

Another important feature of senior-friendly mobile phones would be the GPS settings that permit caregiver support applications to function in such phones. These caregiver applications enable seniors to get the necessary help they require during emergency situations by permitting their phones to be located by GPS in order that  seniors can be found should they become lost. Also, caregiver applications can help caregivers to adjust seniors’ phone settings to remind seniors of their daily duties and medical appointments. 

Seniors with phones

Phones With Emergency Or ‘SOS’ Buttons

Ideally, senior-friendly phones should contain emergency or ‘SO’ buttons virtually or physically. Seniors with such phones can connect with various emergency contacts and call for emergency help simultaneously by pushing dedicated emergency buttons. Seniors who feel threatened when outside could use more advanced emergency buttons (when available in their phones) as warning or alert buttons by pressing such buttons, setting off a blaring alarm and utilising the camera flash from the phone to call for help from people in the surroundings. 

Phones With Hearing Aid Compatibility 

Also not to be missed out are phones that provide good hearing aid compatibilities for seniors who might be suffering from impaired hearing. Ideal mobile phones that offer excellent hearing qualities would ensure that users do not encounter sound issues during conversations. Nowadays, smartphones provide settings to help seniors who have hearing challenges to capitalise on available technology for easier communications. For instance, speaking keypads that would call aloud every number after users dial numbers in question and other audio enhancement settings could go a long way in improving seniors’ phone experiences. Seniors with smartphones can also use the application stores in their phones to download more assistance applications as and when needed. 

Best phones for seniors

Traditional Flip Phones Or Older Models 

However, not all seniors might desire the sophisticated technological features of  smartphones. Some are content with straightforward and user-friendly traditional phones (such as the Nokia 3310 brand) that are durable to withstand accidental droppings and contain all the basic features users can use to connect with loved ones and friends. Alternatively, some seniors might take a fancy to traditional flip phones for limited Internet use, texting, calling as well as using caregiver apps for easy GPS tracking.  

 Phones At Affordable Prices

Furthermore, seniors looking for mobile phones might have limited accompanying budgets and hence might prefer cheaper phones such as those from the Google Pixel 3a series or Samsung A01 models. These cheaper phones contain decent battery lives and lower- resolution screens. The prices of smartphones such as the more recent (or latest) Apple iPhone models might far exceed many seniors’ budgets. Many seniors might not find it worth it to invest their hard-earned money and savings into expensive smartphones only to drop them time and again due to carelessness, movement disabilities and other factors. 

Seniors with phones

Seniors Can Get Their Phones At Reebelo 

The good news is that if seniors are happy to use second-hand or refurbished phones instead of expensive new ones, they can save a lot of money while getting decent quality smartphones (even the more recent ones). Should they get used phones from reliable and established marketplaces like Reebelo, they can have their pick from Reebelo’s wide collection of phones and enjoy accompanying periods of warranty with each phone purchase. 

Getting one’s phone from Reebelo can save seniors a great deal of hassle from having to verify the identities and track records of individual phone sellers from online platforms like Carousell, eBay and Craigslist. For instance, if seniors were to go online and buy used phones from such peer-to-peer marketplaces, they face risks of being conned by dishonest and cunning sellers who simply are looking to make a quick buck out of these unsuspecting buyers. 

In light of this, should seniors get their used phones instead at Reebelo, they can be rest assured that they would not be cheated of their money or savings as Reebelo partners with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that no phone transacted on the platform is stolen or defective. Every refurbished phone on Reebelo’s platform has been completely cleaned, inspected and repaired before its resale.  

Best iPhone for seniors

Seniors Can Trade Existing Phones In With Reebelo And Enjoy Huge Savings

Reebelo’s phone collection provides seniors with a wide selection of user-friendly phones at highly competitive prices. Phones containing various  features catering to the hearing and visually challenged can be obtained without breaking seniors’ wallets. Phones that can include reminder and calendar applications for seniors are also available on Reebelo. Should seniors have existing phones that they wish to trade in while simultaneously getting their upgraded phone, they can do so here to enjoy further savings. While stocks last!