The Season of Upgrades - Will it Be an iPhone 15 or Is the iPhone 13 Good Enough?

Sep 13th 2023

Where the iPhone 15 may have aspirational appeal, we're confident that iPhone 13 remains the most reliable upgrade in the market. From the seasoned specs and design to the size and color options - you will not be left yearning for more.


The Best Back-to-School Laptop Deals - Refurbished & Just Right

Aug 1st 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best back-to-school laptop deals? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Reebelo’s wide selection of laptops is certified refurbished, environment-friendly, and priced just right, keeping you within budget as you start college.


Should You Buy Refurbished AirPods? 3 Red Flags to Watch Out For

Jul 24th 2023

There’s no two ways about it. We love refurbished AirPods. Our global, hybrid team uses them daily to drown out the loud lawn mower or to resist the temptation to join in on the laughter coming from our office kitchen. What can we say- they’re a lifesaver and an investment that doesn’t require you to spend a fortune.


Certified Refurbished Tech that Will Make Back-to-School Fun & Affordable

Jul 21st 2023

With the end of summer break around the corner, the #1 item on every household’s to-do list is back-to-school shopping. And while it doesn’t take long to gather the regular classroom supplies, finding the best certified refurbished tech can take some research and thought.


5 Must-Have Portable Refurbished Devices for Your Summer Travels 

Jul 11th 2023

Summer is incomplete without fun-filled travel plans. And travel is incomplete without a handful of devices that make long journeys much more comfortable, stress-free, and a tad easier.


6 Criteria To Consider Before Buying Your First Refurbished Apple Laptop

Jul 3rd 2023

If you’re buying a MacBook for school or work for the first time (yay, happy graduation day!), there’s a lot you have to consider to ensure you invest in the right device for your needs. Grab your trusty notepad - we’re here to help you navigate the various options available to choose your first refurbished Apple laptop.


Refurbished Tech Deals That Will Light Up Father’s Day 

Jun 15th 2023

There’s a lot to choose for Father's Day from Reebelo’s wide selection of preloved phones, laptops, headphones, e-scooters, drones, and much more. All from the comfort of your home - as you leave the quality and vendor checks to our expert teams, and enjoy 100% functional devices with comprehensive buyer protection plans.


Does Carbon Capture & Sequestration Make Our Planet Greener?

Jun 8th 2023

Marking our calendars for World Ocean Day on June 8th, we can’t imagine a better topic to talk about than Carbon Capture and Sequestering (CCS). An innovative waste management technique that uses the power of our majestic oceans to reduce carbon impact on the environment.


3 Ways Your Gadgets Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint if Bought Refurbished

Jun 7th 2023

The combined carbon footprint of devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PCs has grown exponentially in the last few years. According to the Journal of Cleaner Production, it will increase to 14% by 2040, a sharp rise from 1% in 2007.


The Value of Refurbished Electronics for a Small Business

May 24th 2023

You’ve turned your dream small business plan into reality. You’re about to hire and grow your team. You have the resources to start accepting orders. And you’re now at the important juncture where you...


Green Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

May 16th 2023

From ditching single use plastic bags and cups to investing in refurbished phones, TVs, and laptops - we all want our efforts to count and make a difference. Which is why it helps to be in the know and understand the most prominent trends and patterns in green tech.


How To Quality Check a Refurbished iPhone

Apr 25th 2023

You think long and hard before buying an iPhone. But you probably think longer and harder before you buy a refurbished iPhone. We get it. You’re spending money, time, and energy into upgrading your device - you want it to be worth it.